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Lebanon Flights – A new trajectory Beirut Marseille

Beirut Marseille / Marseille – Beirut A New Flight trajectory Paris – Marseille (making Beirut Marseille possible)at reduced rates is planned by Air France. Beginning October 2011, Beirut will be linked to Marseille at a rhythm of 3 flights per week, with an approximate rate of 450 dollars round trip, taxes included. Beirut Marseille 3 [...]

Lebanon Traveler: A new tourism magazine in Lebanon

Lebanon Traveler – a new magazine Lebanon Traveler is a new magazine launched on June 29, 2011 the objective of which is the promotion of off the beaten track tourism in Lebanon. Lebanon Traveler – a quarterly magazine The Lebanon Traveler magazine that is published each 3 months is produced from a joint-venture between Beyond [...]

Ski in Lebanon all year long!

Finally, there is a Ski in Lebanon all year long… Hotels in Lebanon presents « Ski in Lebanon all year long” Grass Ski :  A new Middle East adaptation Travelers to Lebanon and Lebanon citizens now have a new sports discipline:  Grass ski and grass surfing on around twenty seven thousand square meters of tracks at Faqra [...]

Travel to Lebanon: A 1 day schedule

Travel to Lebanon – One Day Schedule If you have only 1 day to spend in Lebanon, whether you are coming for a one day trip from a surrounding country, or you’re on a business trip to Lebanon, and you have one day left, the following suggestions have been written to guide you in how [...]

10 Travel to Lebanon Tips

Below are some tips to help you plan your Travel to Lebanon, and to act as guidelines or advice when you are in Lebanon: Travel to Lebanon – Social Tips Travel to Lebanon – Lebanese People 1- Lebanese People are very hospitable. They do not miss one occasion to serve or help fellow persons, especially [...]

Hotels in Lebanon – Le Bristol Review

Hotels in Lebanon – Le Bristol Review This is the first of a series of reviews of Hotels in Lebanon Cities. Each review will consider 1 hotel in Lebanon at least, and 5 hotels in Lebanon at most, and include a description of the hotel, its facilities, an idea about the room pricing, some pictures [...]

Travel to Lebanon – Money and Prices

Travel to Lebanon – Money and Prices Travel to Lebanon – Currency Lebanon’s money is the Lebanese lira (LL). Presently there usually are a small number of coins (piastres) of LL 50, 100 and also (far more typically) 250 and 500 pieces always in circulation, plus notes of 1000, 5000, 10,000, 20,000, 50,000 and 100,000. [...]

Travel to Lebanon – 3 days in Lebanon

Travel to Lebanon Do you want to travel to Lebanon? Lebanon is a small country, but it has a lot of things to offer to its visitors. This is not surprising in itself because of the history of Lebanon, dating thousands of years, the fact that tens of civilizations passed across the Lebanon Cities and [...]

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